It's Important To Give Back!

As Elevate Pass, we will share a percentage of our profits with the Elevate Foundation and give you the opportunity to contribute to Elevate Foundation that will support various charities around the world. Our main focus will be on several smaller charities that want to support people, animals and climate change.

Why we do this?

The world won't heal itself. We know that there are many cases in the world which need a lot of help.


We achieve more when we do this together. We help to set the charity in the spotlight. Every month you can follow the progress and updates in the news page about the charities and the current projects that we contribute to.

Every little helps

Even the smallest of donations can help change a life and make a difference.

Right Choices

With your input we want to help those who really need it.

Every month we will choose a different charity from all the applications and donate a portion of Elevate Pass Profit to it. We want to help smaller charities and foundations which don't have a big reach or marketing.

Be a part of it

If you know a charity close to your heart that needs funding, you couldn't have found a better place. The process of application is simple, you just need to click the button below and fill out the form. We choose and publish this every month on the website from different charities which meet our criteria. Let’s do this together!
If you wanna help, you can make donations to the address below, which will go to the charity of the month
Charity of the Month

Stichting Scheldekat


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