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October's Charity

October 05, 2021

Elevate Foundation is supporting small charities and organizations around the world. 


📅Charity of the month: Special School and Educational Center in Kaczyna

🌍Location: Europe 

📍Country: Poland 


They conduct education and rehabilitation for 75 students aged 7 to 24 with intellectual disabilities like autism, Down syndrome, amblyopia, hearing impairment, motor disabilities, and many more. Some students live in a school due to the large distance from their home. The center helps parents in caring for their children during time free from school. On top of that, the center organizes art and theater competitions, bicycle and integration tourist rallies, and many sports competitions for a large group of disabled people living in the region.


We are very happy to support the Special School and Educational Center and hope that you will also help by donating towards this beautiful project! 


If you also want to support them, you can make a donation to the address of your choice until the 1st of November:  

LTC : ltc1qawxwdhcafgzqqus45lj9kpclcwxm8p2397pwx5  

TRX: TTPoiqQMbs4WdUXhQbs5ALKZJ3ktkLrjLX  


The result of the collection will be announced during our Founders Meeting which is happening every first Monday of the month.  


Next Founder’s Meeting:  

1st of November 2021 at 8mp CEST 


Hope to see you there! 🤝