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Thank you!

December 23, 2021

We are very happy and proud of our Elevate Foundation! 


This year we managed to help 4 different charities and organisations! πŸ™Œ


We cannot be more grateful for the Elevate Pass family. Thank you for your donations to all the projects:


August - Yee Ran Jing Sheh Handicapped Centre in Malaysia

September -  Stichting ZooCare in Netherlands

October - Special School and Educational Centre in Poland

November - Stichting Scheldekat in Netherlands


We managed to fund all the most needed products and services like sanitary and day-to-day products, food, school and educational supplies, veterinarian care, medicine and many more! πŸ•‍πŸ¦ΊπŸ‘¨‍βš•οΈπŸ«


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! πŸ™