Check Our Road Map!

See what plans we have ahead of us!

  • Platform Development Started

    We have started the process of platform development and research regarding its functionality. This is the time when Elevate Pass started its journey.

  • Pre-Launch Mode

    After Successful Development and UAT we knew it was time to Pre-Launch and open our doors to a limited group of leaders and users.

    Official Pre-launch happens on 02.08.2021 During the Pre-Launch, it will work on invite only and there won't be an option to register through the home page.

  • Company Launch

    While officially launching Our Company We're opening our Elevate Foundation which will donate a percentage of the company profit to many different charities that we're in contact with.

  • Our Token Launch!

    After the Launch of our foundation, the next step which we will introduce is our Elevate Token, based on BSC (Binance Smart Chain).